07 September 2014

Nazis Fighting Nazis in Ukraine

There are plenty of neo-nazis fighting on the Russian side of the conflict.  And it was Russia that invaded Ukraine in an unprovoked breach of all the previous agreements, international laws and common sense. Ukrainians have been fighting for their country.  At least most of them. A few have been fighting "for the race".  Don't get me wrong - when Putin is talking about the government of Ukraine being "fascist", he is lying.  Yet things can change.

"Don't let executioner into your house".  Social-Nationalist Assembly propaganda.

The Ukrainian volunteer Azov Battalion is staffed with the "Social-Nationalist Assembly (SNA)".  Ukrainian ministry of Interior supplies their weaponry, which now includes heavy weapons.  SNA's leaders had been biding their time in prison for attempted murders and robberies until a few months ago, when they were allowed to go free as "political prisoners of the Yanukovich regime".  

As one would expect, they ain't too bright.  Yet they are remarkably media savvy.  Azov's leadership seems to dedicate some time every day to pose for photographs.  They are regularly interviewed by western journalists.  They are all over Ukrainian TV, filling the screens with stern facial expressions and handsome fatigues with SS insignia .  They don't tend to talk about - and are never challenged - on their ideology. 

This is how Andrey Beletzki, the commander of Azov and the "White leader" of SNA, sees his mission:
Ukrainians comprise a part (and one of the largest parts of the highest quality) of the White Race.  The Race-Creator of the great civilization, of the most important human achievements.  The historic mission of our nation in these crucial times is to take the lead of all White Peoples from all over the world and to take them on the last Crusade for our existence.  The fight against untermenschen headed by the Semites.
If Beletzki is the muscle,  Doctor Oleg Odnorozhenko is the brain of NSA.  He is a PhD from a Kiev University AND a common criminal AND the deputy commander of Azov in one person. This is how Odnorozhenko defines SNA's platform:
The primary objective of the nationalist revolution is the complete elimination of all parasitic strata... all political institutions and democracy as a political system that serves the economic system of capitalism... All foreign ethno-racial groups will be restricted, controlled and subsequently deported to their homeland.  We, Ukrainian Social-Nationalists, consider that only White European Man belongs to the human race species.  This does not include the so-called "Southern Caucasians" - Mediterranian, Caucasian, Pamir-Fergana and other races, which are biologically different from our kind.  We consider it our direct responsibility to prevent any interracial (inter-species) contacts... In this struggle our ally is solidarity from the White Aryan peoples from across the world. 
[Update: on September 10th SNA website was deleted.  Biletzky &Co are preparing for elections.  As luck would have it, World Wide Web never forgets].

And it's not like the boys and gals of Azov and SNA are shy of directly borrowing from their ideological ancestors.  Their official Public Relations manager is one Anna Senik, calling herself "Ladna Kobieta".  She is the face of Azov.   Her pseudonym means "pretty girl" in Polish, which is ironic at more than one level.

A couple of years ago Anna was given a wonderful gift for her birthday.  Very traditional.  It was Mein Kampf.  She was ever so happy... All her favourite quotes are by Goebbels and Hitler.  She also regularly travels to Europe with exhibitions of her Ukrainian folk photography, which involves a lot of bright colours, Bandera-style uniforms and naked skin.

SNA PR manager Anna Senik (online nom de guerre Ladna Kobieta)

Anna's "art" 
And then there is the more traditional neo-nazi "art" which comes to us courtesy of SNA...

Source for the Azov version is here.  Original. 

If Ukrainian TV and social networks are to be  believed, SNA is becoming more and more mainstream.  Non-nazi websites are giving a good impression of worshipping "heroes" from the Azov battalion.  What's more, SNA is linked to a maverick Ukrainian politician Lyashko and his "Radical" party.  They ran on Lyashko's list in the most recent local elections and Lyashko has been constantly involved in photo-ops with Azov.  

He is the likely winner of the October election to the Ukrainian Rada.   

31 August 2014

Taking a break

Till, say, Sep. 20. Behave meanwhile and don't take no wooden nickels from no politicians.

Who said about ISIS: 'We Don't Have a Strategy Yet'? Or - on importance of being Earnest.

Right, it was President Obama:

President Barack Obama on Thursday pumped the brakes on the prospects of U.S. airstrikes against Islamic militants in Syria, saying “we don't have a strategy yet” to deal with the growing threat to the Middle East.
Barely a day passes and the strategy is here!!!
The White House is insisting the U.S. is not at war with the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, despite an aggressive air campaign and previously labeling the jihadist group an "imminent threat to every interest we have."

So US does in fact have a strategy now. Not being at war with ISIS, just a bit of bombing here and there. Aha, that does it for me. And a deep bow to Earnest.

(Oh boy, do I hate puns or do I hate puns...)

Galloway get's GBH'ed

Let's all look at the image below and ponder. Is the UK becoming an unsafe home for Joo haters?
Nah, but George doesn't look gorgeous does he? The would-be Calif of Bradford has hit the pavement, not in a good way, and while some may say that he got up close and personal with his past, there may well be a message between the dirt and cracks, of his and the Kingdom's future where many a toerag have trodden.

Be well George.

30 August 2014

Gideon Levy: pimping for more hate - for fame and profit

For three decades, the writer and journalist Gideon Levy has been a lone voice, telling his readers the truth about what goes on in the Occupied Territories.

There couldn't be a better epigraph to this post than the caption under the picture above. Both the picture and the caption were borrowed from an article Is Gideon Levy the most hated man in Israel or just the most heroic?, written four years ago. Not to forget the absurdity of putting the words "Gideon Levy" and "truth" in the same sentence, the other remarkable thing about the article is its author, one Johann Hari:
Johann Eduard Hari (born 21 January 1979) is a British writer and journalist who has written regular columns for The Independent (London) and The Huffington Post and made contributions to several other publications. In 2011, he was suspended from The Independent following multiple charges of plagiarism and was separately accused of making malicious edits of several of his critics' Wikipedia pages under a pseudonym, an allegation he later admitted to. The exposed plagiarism led to his being forced to return his 2008 Orwell Prize and later was a contributing factor in his leaving The Independent.
Now would you accept a testimony about a liar from another - officially confirmed and appropriately punished - liar? While Independent, for all its faults, had the guts to get rid of this excrescence, Haaretz apparently, cannot clean its stables in the case of its senior liar editor.

Well, here is one Gideon Levy and the sordid story of his life. The man whose proudest achievement was to record what he called "royal wedding" - the marriage between Arafat and Suha, unselfconsciously painting an embarrassing picture of himself in the process:
Once when I dined at Arafat's table, I reminded him that I had broken the news of his secret wedding. The chairman looked at me and said nothing. Another time I phoned the house where Suha was staying in Paris and she answered the phone. Again, I identified myself as the person who had first published news of the nuptials and again my remark was met with distressing silence on the other end of the line, followed by a giggle.
And here is Gideon Levy, aptly named by Ben Dror Yemini "baron of deceit industry"...

But why this eulogy for a man who is so obviously alive and kicking (till 120, please)? This is the reason why: an article What it's like to be the most hated man in Israel (behind a pay wall). The article, laughably or not, starts with a (proud?) reference to the above mentioned piece by Johann Hari.
It was four years ago. The British newspaper The Independent published an interview under the title: “Is Gideon Levy the most hated man in Israel or just the most heroic?” The question was groundless – I wasn’t the most hated, and certainly not the most heroic. In the summer of 2014 the answer would be more succinct – I’m the most hated, second only to Khaled Meshal. Unpleasant, but not too terrible, at this point. The narrator must not become the story; a journalist is always the means, not the end.

And yet, it’s impossible to ignore the troubling question: How did one journalist – and not the most widely read or the most widely distributed – become an object of such rage and hatred? How is one small cracked mirror, a tiny pocket flashlight, capable of evoking so much fury? How is it that one voice made so many Israelis, from left and right, north and south, blow their top?
Well, you must say: it only proves that Mr Levy is not the most incisive mind in the universe, and you will be right at that. But there is another point: feeling that the audience, once more captive and eager, is slipping away (notice the mention of the left blowing their top with the right), Gideon Levy is still trying to get traction. After all, there is no such thing as bad publicity, and who knows it better than our protagonist?

So, instead of sweating and looking for new ways to attract readers, Gideon Levy tries to further his career by drumming up hate. Hate, after all, makes the front page more frequently than love, admiration, agreement and other positive but comparatively weak feelings.

The only problem is: the hate Gideon Levy craves is not coming from the right quarters. Getting spit upon by  street rabble, about which Mr Levy so verbosely laments in his report on personally visiting Ashkelon and Sderot, only supports the known and not particularly pleasant fact that we, as any other people, have our measure of that rabble. Nothing more, nothing less.

So Levy's lament continues to reverberate - mostly in the largely empty Pantheon he is trying to create for himself:
The spiteful looks in the street, the curses and attacks have made no difference. Nor will they. The thuggish right wing, the complacent, indifferent, doubt-free center, even the always smug so-called left, which claimed that I was “ruining the left,” all joined in one shrill choir, proving that the differences between them are smaller than they had appeared.
The only problem with that, Mr Levy, is that the people who matter, the ones of the right, center and "so called" left don't really hate you. Despise you - somewhat, pity you - somewhat, deride your lying ways - quite a lot. But hate? Nope, sir, this is a sentiment most people keep for more important occasions. Because, and you must try to make peace with this revelation: you are just not important enough. No matter how strong is your desire to put yourself in the same league with one Khaled Meshal - nah... doesn't work.

But let the bygones be bygones. Gideon Levy is slipping into uncomfortable obscurity he so richly deserves, and we all shall keep in mind the following, said by the same Ben Dror Yemini:
...earlier this week I was asked by a young Israeli I do not know personally, how can I sit in a television studio with Gideon Levy, and not boil from indignation. I assured him I was proud to live in a country where there is a Gideon Levy, who writes and kicks freely. Any other option will be worse.

29 August 2014

Russian genocide and the reasons thereof

This memorable note discloses the reasons (usually called "real truth" or similar) behind the ongoing genocide against Russian people. If you haven't noticed the latter, now is the time for you to sit up and listen (read). Here comes the translation, with apologies for possibly garbled scientific terms.

I shall explain why the monstrous genocide of Russians is happening. Russia owns most advanced technologies that allow to cure incurable diseases, even at a distance, multiple the agriculture produce and manage the weather and the geophysical processes. These technologies provide an unlimited access to energy, resources and food via the process of transmutation of quantum vacuum. There are scientists in Moscow that already extract gold from quantum dislocality. The Perestroika in USSR was created because of the Russian technological leadership. Russia has these technologies because indeed Russians are the root of civilization on this planet. Only Russians are able to return to life the technologies of our ancestors. If Russia will be destroyed, the civilization on this planet will be destroyed with it - by a nuclear war or simply by chip [implants] in the brain. The responsibility for humanity's survival lies on us, on the Russians. We don't have a choice besides victory.

So there...

The Council Has Spoken!

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28 August 2014

Ukraine: A bumpy road to what?

The most inane headline of the week (if not of the year):

For the sake of full disclosure it must be added that the headline above is almost certainly the work of an on-line editor, the real headline of the article is "After 8 months of conflict, what's next for Ukraine?". Which is somewhat myopic too, but at least not that outright stupid.

If you look at another article on the same page of CNN, you shall see what I mean:
Pro-Moscow rebel forces in eastern Ukraine, backed by Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers, battled government forces on two fronts Thursday, a Ukrainian military official said.
Moscow denies supporting and arming the pro-Russia rebels. It has also repeatedly denied allegations by Kiev that it has sent troops over the border.

However, the Prime Minister of the self-declared Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, acknowledged Thursday that there are current Russian servicemen fighting in the rebels' ranks in eastern Ukraine.
This thing could very soon erupt in a full scale war, a possibility of WW III not excluded.

And the CNN deep thinkers keep carping about a bumpy road to peace?

A well paved road to war be an apt description. But what do I know about selling news?

: Ukraine crisis: Nato images 'show Russia troops'

FBI, DHS bulletin warns of retaliation for airstrikes against ISIS

Methinks this warning should be added to the plethora of health warnings on cigarette packs, so deep and momentous is this discovery.

US citizens could rest assured that the best thinkers of our generation are vigilantly... er... thinking about protection of the realm and no new development will escape their probing eyesight.

If I may add a humble corollary to that warning: taking one's finger out while suffering a bout of diarrhea may cause severe unpleasantness...

All else is confusion, so:


1. According to the recent poll by the Palestinian Center of Public Opinion, 88% of Palestinians support the firing of rockets from Gaza at Israel.

 2. In February 1941 ... 88 percent of the Palestinian Arabs favoured Nazi Germany. From Benny Morris, "1948" Yale University Press; New Haven and London 2008, p 21.

And how about CNN credibility?

Try to put these three quotes from a CNN article on Ferguson shooting together, see where it gets you:

Dorian Johnson, a friend of Brown's who was walking with him at the time of the shooting, said the officer shot Brown once by the police car and again as he ran away.

According to Johnson, Brown was struck in the back and then turned around and put his arms up as the officer kept shooting.
Struck in the back?
An autopsy showed that all the entry wounds were in the front of Brown's body.
And reports that his friend Johnson had a criminal record that includes lying to police has put Johnson's credibility in question.

In 2011, Johnson was arrested and accused of theft and lying to police about his first name, age and address.

Johnson said Monday night he doesn't understand why some are questioning his credibility.
Indeed. So lying about the officer shooting Mr Brown in the back is fine for credibility, it is the criminal record that somehow throws a shadow on it...

Believe it or not.

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27 August 2014


Seriously, how clueless can you get???

How naive and ignorant of the real world do you have to be to assume that this guy in Gaza is flashing a sign for peace??? Doesn't like EVERYONE know what this sign stands for in the Arab world?

The answer to my rhetorical question is "Only as ignorant as your typical British journalist from IBTimes".   Apparently this bloke and his daughter are "gesturing peace signs".

When the stereotype of "peace-loving Gazans and warmaungaring Israelis" does not match the reality, all you have to do is make up your own reality.

And a side remark re that victory:

Yair Lapid - still just a pretty face

More than just a pretty face? Dunno...
I don't know how to decipher this:
Finance Minister Yair Lapid visited Kibbutz Nahal Oz along the Gaza border on Monday and met with residents to discuss the current political situation. He told them that in his opinion, Israel should politically disengage from Palestinians in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
Any ideas re this "political disengagement" thing?

26 August 2014

News of the Day

1. Tens of thousands of people became refugees after crossing Nigerian border to escape Boko-Haram's newly declared Califate.

2. Tripoli was conquered by Islamists.

3. ISIS captured the key military airport in Syria by using children-suicide bombers.

4. Russian tanks invaded Ukraine by crossing border in two separate locations.

5. Israel was subjected to 130 Jihadi missiles and whole areas of the country had to be evacuated.

6. ISIS successfully implemented several waves of terrorists attacks in Baghdad and two other Iraqi cities.

7. Ferguson and Sent Louis, Missouri are under the state of emergency. Rioting continues for weeks on end. 

8. Last but not least, President Obama has returned from his Hawaiian vacation. He has already started the countdown to his next Hawaiian vacation.

OK this last link is a spoof, but it feels more related to reality than the news coming out of the official White House.