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31 July 2010

Alcohol, arthritis and 100 years of medicine

I shall never cease being amazed by discoveries made in the modern MMM (Mass Media Medicine). And the latest one that undoubtedly brought its author a significant quantity of glory and other laurels, didn't fail to astonish:

Drinking alcohol can not only ease the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis it appears to reduce disease severity too, research suggests.
Of course, no aficionado of good old O'Henry could forget the story Makes the Whole World Kin. Essentially the story is about a cat burglar who, being surprised by the owner of the house, discovers that the owner, as the thief himself, suffers from rheumatic pains. The outcome is that, after a lively discussion of various (but useless) remedies*, the burglar invites the owner for an outing - to partake of the only true remedy:
I'll tell you what! We're up against it. I only find one thing that eases her up. Hey? Little old sanitary, ameliorating, lest-we-forget Booze.
Yeah, well, it took our good doctors only a hundred years** of scientific effort to come to same conclusion. I guess that many distillers with sufficient years on record in the industry can sue the medical science (how does one go about it, I wonder?) for loss of profit during all these years.

Oh well: your health, ladies and gentlemen!

(*) Snake oil is also mentioned, by the way. No offense to the folks bound by Hypocritic Hippocratic Oath intended.

(**) Let's be charitable here: Makes the Whole World Kin was written in 1911, so there is still one year for other doctors to come up with a study that will refute this discovery. As it goes in the medical circles.